Alfen to deliver energy storage tech to BMW


The Dutch company Alfen will deliver one of the BMW testing locations in Munich with an integrated energy storage solution, which allows for mobile high speed charging of cars.

The 1.1 MW system is made up of 34 BMW i3 batteries, and contains a fast charging mechanism for the BMW Group’s EV prototypes. What makes the charging solution special, is that it is mobile, and can be packed up and moved if needed. It also operates irrespective of the capacity of the local power grid.

Furthermore, Alfen also signed an agreement with BMW for the purchase of more i3 batteries for other storage projects. Alen Global Sales Director for Energy Storage, Andreas Plenk, said the following: “We have been working with BMW i batteries at multiple storage projects, but are very proud to be selected to provide a storage system for one of BMW AG’s locations in Munich.”


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