Hyundai to produce its own electric car batteries?


Hyundai is looking to not only develop but also make its own battery cells for electric vehicles, Korean media reports. The carmaker had started hiring researchers on battery development and production already earlier this year and plans to set up first lines in its lab. Equipment has been ordered as well.

The Korean Herald cited “industry sources” who broke the news that Hyundai is constructing its own production line for automotive batteries. The insiders said the move was to decrease dependency from established local battery makers such as LG Chem and SK Innovation.

It appears indeed that Hyundai have been hiring researchers working on battery development and manufacturing. A first production line is to be installed at Hyundai’s research lab in Euiwang, Gyeonggi Province. The Korean Herald further reports the carmaker has recently placed orders with multiple equipment makers.

However, their sources estimated output at no more than 1 GWh a year which could propel a couple of hundred electric cars. Still, a Hyundai spokesperson confirmed they were working on battery production lines but denied any plans they would use them for their own electric vehicles.


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