Swedish-Danish ferry route gets electrified gradually

Swedish Stena Line that operates a ferry service between Gothenburg and Danish Frederikshavn has made a deal with with Callenberg Technology Group. In three stages signified by different sized batteries, they want to electrify the vessel Stena Jutlandica.

In a first step, 1 MWh of batteries will be installed on the deck of the Swedish ferry. The 3,000 kW battery pack holds enough power for the Stena Jutlandica to thrust and maneuver when in port. Installation is due this summer.

Stage two will see the connection of a 20 MWh battery pack to the propellers. Stena Jutlandica will thus be able to sail all-electrically for about 10 nautical miles, almost 20 kilometres, equal to the distance between Göteborg and Vinga Lighthouse.

In the last step, the battery capacity will be further expanded to 50 MWh. That will last for 50 nautical miles of all-electric range. Those 92 kilometres correspond to the distance between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn so that the route will be operated with zero emissions.

The batteries are charged ashore but can also be topped up by the ship’s generators.

For Stena Line, this gradual approach serves to gather experiences with electric operations as they go. Step by step electrification may also enable them to save some money. Says Niclas Mårtensson, Stena Line CEO: “As both the size and cost of batteries decrease, battery operation becomes a very exciting alternative to traditional fuels for shipping, as emissions to air can be completely eliminated.”

The Callenberg Technology Group cooperates with Stena Teknik for this project. The latter also works research institutions, authorities and various suppliers. The first phase of the project is jointly financed by the Swedish Transport Administration and the EU.

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