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Goldstone-BYD to produce 5,000 e-buses annually


The Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD and their Indian partner Goldstone are planning to reach a production rate of electric buses of no less than 5,000 units per year by March 2021.

Only a few days ago did the cooperation Goldstone-BYD present the K6 electric minibus in Delhi, which can carry up to 18 passengers and has a 200 km range. The vehicle will be produced entirely in India. The pair plan to set up production bases in India to export to other south Asian nations as well. Nepal has already ordered the first five units of the minibus.

In the first step, the companies plan to expand production capacity this year to around 2,000 electric buses per year. Goldstone recently invested in the construction of a production facility in Karnataka.

Currently Goldstone and BYD are also planning the installation of charging stations along the stretches on which the buses will likely be used. The lacking charging infrastructure is still the largest barrier to e-mobility in India. On top of that, Goldstone will begin with the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries and the acquisition of EV components.,


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