Jun 27, 2018 - 05:14 pm

Renault enables termination of battery lease

Renault electric vehicle owners holding a lease for the battery of their Zoe or even Twizy may now end their contract and buy (or resell) the power pack instead. The move follows the option to buy batteries of Renault EVs that had been open for new owners and now applies retroactively.

For years buyers of Renault electric vehicles had to rent the batteries before the French carmaker had begun offering an option to buy the battery in the first place this March (we reported). This option did not apply to existing contracts until now though.

Those holding a battery rental contract may now opt out from the monthly fee by buying the battery with the price being determined by the dealer on a case by case base.

The option will be particularly useful for those seeking to resell their Renault electric car. Until now, owners of say a four-year old Zoe had to find a new buyer willing to take over their battery lease and they may now sell the car and battery for one final price.

The new rule applies in Germany and other countries according to our sources. It includes all Renault electric vehicles such as the Zoe or Kangoo Z.E. and even the Twizy.

electrive.net (original source in German)

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  1. Robert Jamison

    In view of the fact that Renault still refuse to let me purchase the battery on my Twizy (23-08-2018), my next EV next year will certainly NOT be a Renault under any circumstances.

    • aasami

      Yeah. The battery rental program is a poorly executed milking cow on customers.

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