Mega-E opens first high power charging site in Europe


The first liquid-cooled chargers delivering up to 350 kW have gone live today in the Dutch town of Eindhoven. The high power charging site is part of the European Mega -E project. The initiative led by Allego aims for 322 ultra-fast chargers in at least ten metropolitan areas in Europe.

Mega-E stands for Metropolitan Greater Areas Electrified and the 322 Mega-E charging points will stretch over 39 multi-modal charging hubs. The High Power Chargers in Eindhoven are installed at the Van der Valk hotel, located close to the A2 and A67 motorways.

The charging location called Green Zone has 24 Tesla Superchargers. It also includes the Allego ChargingPlaza, which will have sixteen charging stations (each 22 kW) and four charging stations ready for High Power Charging (up to 350 kW). Another two parking spots are equipped with the Allego Triple Fast Charger (50 kW) with another four regular charging stations (11 kW) available.

This layout allows to charge any electric car and the hotel hopes to attract guests if even for a short stay.

This April, the Mega-E project received 29 million euros in funding through the European Union. Initially set up together with Fortnum, Allego now leads the initiative alone. Their Finnish partner had declared back in March, they would step back from the Mega-E project and concentrate on integration rather after the take over of PlugSurfing.

The MEGA-E project is part of the innovation cluster developed in the EU TEN-T/CEF programme. The project is among the first to implement high power charging at an European scale.


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