Jul 22, 2018 - 06:47 pm

Mega contract: BYD to deliver 4,000 e-buses to Guangzhou

BYD announced in an ad-hoc statement to investors that two major bidding calls for the delivery of electric buses in China. The company will deliver more than 4,000 electric buses to several companies in Guangzhou.

The exact numbers for the contract are 4,810 electric buses, where BYD managed to receive the majority of it – specifically 4,437 buses. The company will deliver models in different sizes ranging between 8 and 12 metres. The total value for both contracts is around 5.52 billion Yuan (0.7 billion euros). In the next step, BYD will sign individual agreements with the customers in Guangzhou.

BYD has also been collecting orders from Europe and North America, even if the bids are slightly smaller. Public transit operator Nobina ordered 24 BYD electric buses for use in the Swedish province of Södermanland, where they will likely start use in the summer of 2019. Nobina is already using BYD buses in Ängelholm and Oslo, and has ordered more for the communities around Nortällje, Landskrona and Oslo.

Furthermore, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), the largest public transport operator in Canada ordered another ten BYD electric buses, combined with an option to expand the order to 30 more.

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