Porsche plans EVs to account for 50% of business by 2025


Porsche has an ambitious business plan for 2025: every second Porsche sold will be electrified. This goal was stated in a press release regarding their first serial EV, the Taycan, in which was also revealed that a three digit amount of prototypes has been built.

Porsche’s first EV, which was kept under tight wraps with the title Mission E until the name was released in June. The name means “spirited, young horse.” according to the manufacturer, invoking Porsche’s main logo (we reported).

The press release also contained some new details to the vehicle as well as Porsche’s EV strategy. The company strategy to electrify 50% of vehicles sold by 2025, or more particularly, total sales. Porsche also specified that among the EVs, they also plan a 50/50 split between battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. By 2022, they will invest 6 billion euros into the expansion of their EV production. 500 million alone will flow into the Taycan’s variants and derivatives, while another billion euros are earmarked for the electrification of the existing vehicle roster.

Regarding the Taycan, Porsche dropped the fact that their engineers have meanwhile built a 3 digit figure of prototypes. 60 developers took 21 disguised versions of the vehicles to test them in South Africa, to test the vehicle under extreme temperatures. The vehicles have undergone around 40,000 test kilometres so far.

The vehicle will hit the market towards the end of 2019. Currently the manufacturers are planning a production load of 20,000 vehicles per year. As to the technical specifications, we know this much so far: Two electric motors with a system performance of more than 440 kW enable the Taycan to go from 0 to 100 km/h in “considerably less than 3.5 seconds”, and reach the 200 mark in under 12 seconds. The maximum range is more than 500 km, although this number is based on the now outdated NEDC system. The probably most impressive number from the Taycan is the 800 volt architecture, which allows it to charge enough power from an HPC unit for 100 km range in four minutes.



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