BYD joins fast charging initiative CharIN


BYD has now joined the list of members in the fast charging initiative CharIn, which aims to develop and establish CCS charging as a fast charging standard for EVs of all types.

BYD has also announced their intention to fit all next generations of their medium and heavy electric vehicles with CCS fast charging technology. Bobby Hill, BYD North America’s VP said this: “CCS is currently the world’s only charging system that covers all charging scenarios with a single product, and our support of CCS will help pave the way for more efficient transportations solutions.”  That is a forceful statement, as the standard charging system in their native China is GB/T.

CharIN boasts a membership of more than 100, including industrial giants such as BMW, FCA, Ford, GM, Phoenix Contact, Porsche and Renault. In the meantime, the initiative is pushing more and more to establish CCS standards beyond Europe and North America, too.,


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