Tesla in talks for additional Gigafactory


Tesla has reportedly begun preliminary talks with representatives from the German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland, regarding the construction of Tesla’s first Gigafactory in Europe. The facility will produce both cars and batteries.

The two states are of interest to Tesla particularly because of the proximity to France, which Tesla has identified as their most important market in Europe. The discussions are still at an early stage, however. The Netherlands have also been mentioned as a potential location for the European Gigafactory.

While the talks are still being kept under tight wraps, with the corresponding information coming from insiders, we do know that Musk has been considering building a factory to serve the Benelux states for some time, considering Germany a prime production location and said as much in an interview: “Germany is a leading choice for Europe. Perhaps on the German-French border makes sense, near the Benelux countries.”

The Saarland president Tobias Hans has been busy on twitter attempting to convince Musk to settle on their state as the location, however the location with the best access to the Dutch Tilburg assembly factory and the 2016 acquired machine manufacturer Grohmann in Rhineland may prove more enticing to Elon.

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