Aug 22, 2018 - 04:18 pm

Austria: Auto club ÖAMTC launches e-scooter sharing


Austria’s largest automobile association ÖAMTC has rolled out their own electric scooter sharing. People in Vienna can now rent 150 light electric vehicles with another 15 being available in Graz. The ‘easy way’ service works via mobile app.

It is a first for the ÖAMTC that is to Austria what the ADAC is to Germany or the AA to Britain. “With our e-scooter sharing we are becoming a mobility service provider for the first time,” enthuses ÖAMTC director Oliver Schmerold.

He added that the service is not limited to ÖAMTC members. Instead, anyone with a credit or debit cars may register to hire the electric scooters through the dedicated “ÖAMTC easy way” mobile app. Users must send a B-drivers license for the auto club to approve first though.

Fees start at 4 euros for the first 30 minutes. Every minute thereafter incurs a 10 cent charge. Users may leave the electric scooters anywhere within the service area. The ÖAMTC will take care to charge and exchange the batteries on a regular basis.

The electric scooters have a top speed of 45 kph and are for one person only. It looks like they are made by Spanish Torrot. Their electric scooters of type MUVI City are also used by the German scooter sharing service Emmy reportedly. (with video, in German)


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