Opel GT X Experimental highlighting electric future


Opel-Vauxhall presents a new concept EV. The GT X Experimental is a compact SUV, that is more than an experiment. Opel aims to electrify its entire line-up by 2024 and this latest fully-electric study is showing off how these future plug-ins may look like.

In fact, the future appears bold and clear-cut. The GT X Experimental electric car underwent a “visual detox,” according Opel’s head of design Mark Adams. The idea of detox also led Opel to opt for an electric drive for this model.

The engineers have not yet released any details on this electric drivetrain though.
Inside the Opel/Vauxhall though is a 50 kWh battery, capable of inductive charging. The brand also envisions the concept EV with level 3 autonomous driving functions.

What we also know is that the GT X Experimental features a lightweight architecture. Its dimensions much resemble the Hyundai Kona which is proving quite the success for the Korean brand in Europe.

Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller positions the GT X as a model, which “gives a clear idea of how we at Opel see the mobility of the future”. This electric future had been outlined earlier this year in the company’s PACE! strategy. They plan to offer all models with an electric or plug-in hybrid drivetrain by 2024 in Europe. Expect four plug-in models by Opel/Vauxhall throughout 2020. Among them are an EV version of the Corsa and the Grandland X as PHEV.

This announcement is in line with the recent agreement with Opel owner PSA. After difficulties concerning the buy-out from General Motors, the management and workers’ union had found a way to secure jobs at Opel/ Vauxhall at least until 2023.

Despite the electrification strategy, an initial suggestion to turn Opel into a purely electric label that had been made by former CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann remains unheard. Opel has since defined their new brand values as “German, approachable, exciting”. The GTX Experimental may add “electric” to this call.

Opel did not disclose any timeline for production of this electric car.

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