Thai MEA and Nissan join forces for infrastructure development


The Thai Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Nissan have agreed to join forces to establish battery charging infrastructure in the nation before the Leaf goes on sale in Thailand, which will be latest by March 2019.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed which will last for two years. The agreement is focused on studying know-how from MEA in developing new wall outlets for electrified vehicles in the Thai market.

Nissan Thailand president Antoine Barthes said that the move is part of their plan to introduce the Leaf in Thailand. “With technical expertise from MEA, Nissan wants to give a clear answer to future buyers that this EV wall charger will be more secure, stable, safe and offer more quality.” The move would address fears that EVs were uneconomic, and set a cornerstone for the future development of electrified mobility in the nation.

The Leaf uses a CHAdeMO charging type, meaning that Thailand will likely consider following the standard as well, making another potential addition to the growing movement to standardize EV charging across the world. Other reports claim that the Thai government is more interested in establishing a type 2 standard, similar to the European CCS standard. CHAdeMO is a type four charging standard.,,


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