Battery Alliance to enter serial production in 2020


There is news from the Battery Alliance initially announced in February: the partners Saft, Siemens, Solvay and Many have announced that they would enter serial production of an improved lithium-ion battery format utilising high-density liquid electrolytes in the first half of 2020.

The alliance has also already announced plans for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries to follow in 2022. “The performance levels we are targeting are very much better than what we have today. We are looking at performance levels that are 50 percent better in terms of energy density,” said Jean-Baptiste Pernot, Saft’s director of operations.

The goal of the quartet is to establish a European battery alliance to research, develop and industrialize new battery technology. The initiative is set to run for seven years, and is part of the initiative to set up battery manufacturing capacities in Europe, which can rival American and Asian manufacturers.

Saft is a subsidiary of the French oil company Total and manufactures batteries for a variety of uses. The Belgian chemical company Solvay is bringing experience with polymer material and electrolyte solutions to the table. Manz is adding battery cell and module assembly capacities, while Siemens has software and automation specialization under their belt.


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