A De Niro for e-Niro


Some things are so obvious it takes a while to actually take hold. So who do you think would be the best brand ambassador for the Kia e-Niro? Yes, indeed, Kia thought the same. 

They have signed actor Robert de Niro to promote the e-Niro in Europe. As an ambassador for Kia’s  electric car, De Niro will star in a series of TV, print and digital advertisements.

Kia says the campaign will draw on De Niro’s “unique ability to entertain, as he educates drivers about the e-Niro,” and we guess combining EV awareness with some fun can only do good. And, what a step up this is, hiring an Oscar-winning actor rather than building a campaign around oversized hamsters as they did for the Soul EV.

The e-Niro featured by De Niro promotion is to commence in November.

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