Porsche Holding Salzburg offers Varta battery storage solution


The commercial storage solution Varta flex storage will be available for charging EVs in car dealerships across Europe, in order to help buffer grid impact, among other things. The background is a recently agreed cooperation between Varta Storage with the Volkswagen subsidiary Porsche Holding Salzburg.

Porsche Holding Salzburg is the largest automobile sales company in Europe, according to their statements. Under the brand Moon, they offer complete solutions for the infrastructure area and will be using Varta energy storage to bolster their offers from now on. They are avoiding large investments in the grid infrastructure, by instead investing in buffer technology. Via the cooperation with Varta, their automobile dealerships will have adapted solutions for the generation, distribution and storage of photovoltaic energy, or for charging multiple EVs at once. The 400 volt, three-phase compatible energy storage system will help dealerships prepare for the future of energy and electric mobility, according to Varta Storage manager Reiko Stutz.

energie.themendesk.net, electrive.net (Both in German)


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