Nov 9, 2018 - 05:06 pm

Fiat Chrysler & Mitsubishi to sell GAC BEV


Toyota and Honda will not be alone in selling electrified versions of the compact SUV Trumpchi GS4 by GAC under their own name. Now both Fiat Chrysler and Mitsubishi, who are also both also partners with GAC in China, plan to follow the same strategy.

This somewhat unusual strategy is being employed by the manufacturers to sell their vehicles in China despite the EV quota for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles coming into effect in 2019. By rebranding GAC battery electric vehicles and selling them in China, they will be able to meet Beijing’s EV sales requirements while continuing to sell their regular models. An interesting note is that both Fiat Chrysler and Mitsubishi both also decided to market electrified versions of the GS4.

The type of offers will be different between the two manufacturers, however, as Mitsubishi is planning to sell both a battery electric version as well as a plug-in hybrid, while Toyota is sticking to the fully electric variant. FCA and Honda are both only manufacturing plug-in hybrid models.


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