Mazda to market multiple EVs in China with Changan


Mazda is planning to begin offering a series of electric vehicles in China starting in 2020 with their joint venture partner Changan. The vehicles will be a series of SUVs, for which Changan will manufacture the motors, batteries and other components, while Mazda will be making the chassis.

The new deal with Changan will not affect recently announced plans for a fully electric Mazda launching in 2020 in Japan and Western markets, the plans for an EV combined with a wankel motor, or the conversion of 95% of the Mazda product palette to hybrid motor systems by 2030.

The first rumors about a jointly developed compact SUV by the two partners made the rounds earlier this year. The plan had been to offer the vehicle on the Chinese market next year. As part of the EV quota incoming in China, Mazda has also had to resort to fast measures.


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