Tesla now more valuable than BMW after market capitalization


After Tesla beat out Ford and General Motors at last year’s market capitalization, making them the most valued US carmaker, the Californians now also have beaten BMW.

This now puts Tesla at number four on the global market ranking; Right behind Toyota, Volkswagen and Daimler. Place three is not far out of reach for Tesla, however. The positive evaluation and ranking boost is mainly due to the profitable Q3. At the same time, BMW also has been reporting feeling the costs of research and development, some of which is tied up in EV development.

At this moment in time, market capitalization has valued Tesla at a total of 60.347 billion dollars (approx. 52.23 billion euros). BMW is currently standing at 58.871 billion dollars (51.92 billion euros) while Daimler leads the pack with 61.93 billion dollars (54.62 billion euros).

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