DB Schenker demands tougher CO2 limits for trucks


The EU Parliament will vote on CO2 emission limits for trucks this Wednesday and DB Schenker CEO Jochen Thewes used the occasion to call for more ambitious targets. His company has set such goals itself as they look to electrify most of their fleet by 2030.

Small and medium vans with up to 3.5 tons shall all be electric at DB Schenker in 2030. Also the heavier segment of up to 7.5 trucks is to be replaced with battery-electric or fuel cell vehicles. 50 percent of said vehicles shall emit zero emissions by 2030 and both pledges belong to the EV100 initiative.

Yet, for this DB Schenker CEO Thewes is calling on both politicians as well as the industry to accelerate the switch to electric transport powered by renewable energy.

His own company is working with smaller manufacturers such as Einride since more established manufacturers are taking their time. At the DB Schenker in Swedish Jönköping, an autonmous electric is making its rounds between warehouses. The T-Pod has no driver’s cab but can be driven by a human operator remotely.

DB Schenker and Swedish start-up Einride started working together in April. The trial may be rolled out internationally.

For DB Schenker, the trial is the first stage of a bigger plan. “Together with Einride, we want to bring the first autonomous, fully electric truck onto public roads in the near future and thus set new standards for tomorrow’s logistics,” said Thewes.

On the European level, the EU Parliament will negotiate CO2 emission limits for trucks from 7.5 tons on Novermber, 14. While the EU Environment Committee had taken a tougher stance than the EU Commission, the outcome is open. DB Schenker CEO Thewes however, recommends a CO2 reduction of 20 percent by 2025 and by 35 percent by 2030. These targets are in line with the recommendations of the Environmental Committee. Only the European Commission’s proposal had proposed a slightly more moderate decrease of emissions by 15 percent by 2025 and 30 percent by 2030.

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