Beck builds energy storage & high power charger for BMW


Beck Automation implemented a stationary energy storage system for BMW using 36 i3 battery packs, holding 42 kWh each. The installation reduces peak loads and at the same time enables fast-charging electric vehicles with up to a whooping 360 kW.

Moreover, Beck’s energy storage unit is modular and mobile so that BMW may install it anywhere. The partners aimed to develop an economically viable concept able to buffer energy for very fast-charging processes, the energy storage specialist said.

With 36 BMW i3 batteries at 42 kWh, the system has a maximum capacity of around 1.5 MWh. According to Beck Automation, three electric vehicles can charge using the system at the same time. The connector types CCS 1, CCS 2, GB/T (China) and CHAdeMO are available.

The system requires only low voltage for connecting the energy storage unit, which doubles to balance imbalances in the grid as well (peak shaving).

According to Beck, “optimised packing density” means high capacities high power charging capacities all fit in a small space such as a parking space, says a press release. The modular system then packs all 42 battery packs in a 20 feet high cube that resembles a container like those used by workers on construction sites.

All multifunctional power storage systems offered by Beck use original BMW i3 batteries.

They are not the only ones though. In the States, EVgo has ventured into similar territory when they installed a back-up made from reused batteries from the BMW i3 for their fast-charging station in San Diego, California (we reported). For now said stationary set-up is a standalone but EVgo say they are planning to expand such second-life applications. In this case, Princeton Power Systems provided inverter hardware and integrated the inverter with the BMW battery packs into a working system. Kisensum developed software controls for the installation and managed software integration for the overall charge management., (both in German)


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