Alfabus imports e-buses to Europe


Chinese electric bus manufacturer Alfabus has entered a strategic cooperation with Basco Bus of Italy to deliver their Ecity L12 to Europe. The EV will be adapted to local requirements for this venture.

The Ecity L12 is a classic 12 metre city bus, but powered by an electric motor with 210 kW capacity and 2.400 Nm torque. Up to twelve battery packets can be placed in the bus, which adds up to a maximum capacity of 354 kWh, and a range of up to 300 km. According to the manufacturer, the charging time is estimated at about six hours. The Ecity L12 will receive a fast charging feature in 2019, as well as a smaller 8 metre version of the vehicle.

Alfabus is manufacturing their buses in the Chinese city of Jiangyin, which is located about 150 km north of Shanghai. The annual production capacity is estimated at about 3,000 electric buses there. The components, including control units, inverters and motor systems are produced in-house, as well as batteries, although the battery cells are being delivered by the Japanese company AESC.

For the European market Alfabus is adapting the Ecity L12 for local requirements. The re-fitting included adapting the doors, the interior fittings and a new AC system. No details of the cooperation with Italy’s Basco Bus have been specified at this time.


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