Yutong to deliver 100 e-buses to Santiago de Chile

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Chinese manufacturer Yutong has been tasked with supplying 100 electric buses of the E12 variety to Santiago de Chile. The order follows another order, where the city ordered 100 electric buses from BYD.

Yutong’s electric buses will be operated by the companies Vule and STP Santiago for public transport in the Chilean capital. The E12 features a battery capacity of 324 kWh, and will be capable of fast charging.

The order is part of a larger strategy by the Chilean government to electrify their fleets and improve environmental conditions, with a core goal of electrifying the entire city bus fleet by 2050.

yutong-e12-electric-bus-elektrobus-santiago-de-chile-01 (1)

It fits that BYD has delivered their contribution of 100 electric buses of the K9FE variety, as the city is taking a fast track towards zero-emissions transportation. The electric buses have been delivered, and will begin operating as a part of the public transport fleet in December of this year.

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