Fox plans to revive Mia electric car with Lion battery


Swiss manufacturer Fox Automotive has commissioned the battery system developer, Lion Smart, to make a “light” battery to fit their EV series, Mia. According to Fox, a fully automated production line for the model already exists and the new component is expected to be included by spring 2019.

Fox owns all rights to the Mia Electric Vehicle brand, including patent and trademark rights. Some may remember that the French electrical manufacturer Mia Electric went bankrupt a few years ago. In 2015, we reported that the insolvent company’s assets were auctioned off to an anonymous buyer for 800,000 euros. Apparently, a new edition of the EV that was in planning at that time, is now going ahead under the umbrella of Fox.

Lion Smart will play an important role in the future. The company, which is also based in Switzerland, specializes in energy storage and lithium-ion battery system technology. Following the development now initiated through the cooperation with Fox, Lion will also draw on support from Hörmann Automotive, among others, after which the light battery will be integrated into the Mia series vehicle. What exactly is so special about this battery is not yet clear from the companies’ announcement. Fox boss George Walliser simply says that they found the concept very convincing. He followed up by saying that the vehicle blueprint will be consistently renewed and further developed in order to bring Mia onto the roads throughout Europe.

According to Fox, there is already a fully automated production line ready to go. The battery is expected to be installed in spring 2019, so that production of the Mia electric vehicle can start in the course of next year. The Swiss estimate the annual production capacity at 12,000 units.

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about „Fox plans to revive Mia electric car with Lion battery“
10.12.2019 um 16:30
I think it is a neat design. I hope better batteries, electronics and electric motor improves its range, speed a new cost.

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