Germany’s first self-service Tesla car rental station


Luxembourg-based start-up UFOdrive opened their first self-service rental car station in Germany. Drivers can now rent and collect one of six Tesla Model S at Hamburg Airport, simply via app. UFOdrives operates EV-only fleets in Luxembourg and Brussels as well.

Thus Hamburg Airport is UFOdrive’s third location following their launch in Luxembourg and expansion in Brussels, all at the airport.

In Hamburg, passengers can collect one of six Tesla Model S from the so-called UFObay and the company claims the process takes no more than a few minutes. Instead of queing at a counter, everything is handled using the company’s app. Registration, car booking, inspection and pickup (including car opening) are all managed via your phone.

The UFOdrive fleet comprise of electric cars only. Next to the Model S that costs from 119 euro a day, the website lists the Nissan Leaf (59 €/day) and the Jaguar I-Pace (129€/day). We were also delighted to see that UFOdrive believes to Tesla Model 3 will indeed be “coming soon”. Last we heard, Tesla was aiming to launch the Model 3 electric car in Europe this coming February.

In any case, UFOdrive is primed for expansion and their website shows potential new locations in Supercharger style. Said grey sites on the map include airports in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris or London.


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