Jan 25, 2019 - 03:15 pm

Porsche Taycan to carry 90 kWh battery

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Additional details regarding Porsche’s first all-electric model Taycan have seeped through to the public. They apparently came from Stefan Weckbach, head of Porsche’s electric car project, who answered a few questions from customers in Norway.

According to information sent to Electrek from a reservation holder, Porsche has already received almost 3,000 advance orders with corresponding advance payments in Norway alone. Weckbach states that the serial version will be very similar to the Mission E concept, but will be released on the market with conventional doors. The series Taycan will also have a battery with a capacity of around 90 kWh and a 22 kW charger on board. According to the Electrek report, the Porsche manager also explained that initially, only the higher-priced versions of the Taycan will be available.

Porsche has already officially published the following key performance data: Thanks to two electric motors with a system output of more than 440 kW, the Taycan is capable of reaching a speed of 100 km/h in “significantly less than 3.5 seconds” and 200 km/h in less than twelve seconds. The maximum range is over 500 kilometres according to NEDC standards. And thanks to 800-volt architecture, it should be possible to recharge energy for a range of 100 kilometres in four minutes on corresponding HPC fast chargers.

Industry observers estimate that customers will have to spend around 100,000 euros on the Taycan. But so far there is no official statement – unlike the planned production output: According to the latest update from Zuffenhausen, they will be doubling the production capacity for their first electric model so that 40,000 Taycans per year are now planned instead of the original 20,000.



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