Jan 28, 2019 - 02:48 pm

Baumüller to build ferry with hybrid drive


The German drive and automation specialist Baumüller has received an order from the Danish shipyard Hvide Sande for the supply of a hybrid drive system for a ferry. From autumn 2019, the ship will be sailing between the ports of Ærø and Rudkøbing.

With the new hybrid ferry, the ferry company ÆrøXpressen is creating a completely new connection between the ports of Æro and Rudkøbing. The crossing will take about 45 minutes and the ship will be able to carry up to 32 cars and 196 passengers.

Baumüller says that the hybrid system will be adapted to the needs of the ferry. The Germans will take over the complete engineering for propulsion and power generation – including the electric engine of the diesel generator, propulsion for the propeller and bow thruster, power distribution system and onboard voltage generation.

The ship has a speed of up to 11 knots powered purely by electric motors. The diesel generators on board are used solely for optional power generation. Within ports, the ferry should always be fully electric.

Baumüller already equipped a hybrid ferry in Germany and a fully electric ferry in Asia last year. Further propulsion systems for boats have already been ordered for 2019. Scandinavia plays an important role here – “For us as international drive specialists, Denmark is an important Scandinavian market. That’s why we founded a Danish branch in 2018, as we see a lot of potential for challenging projects,” says Swen Jacob, Baumüller’s regional manager for Northern Germany and Scandinavia.



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