Feb 23, 2019 - 04:16 pm

Scandlines improving four hybrid ferries


Scandlines is upgrading to more efficient thrusters on four of its hybrid ferries. These are engine components located at each corner of the ferry. The new thrusters achieve a more homogeneous flow through the water, which causes less noise and vibration.

The ferry quartet is on the German-Danish route Puttgarden – Rødby. According to Scandlines, the replacement significantly reduces the environmental impact, including the effects of noise. “Reduced underwater noise and less vibration can improve the conditions for the marine life in the Fehmarn Belt area – among these the harbour porpoises,” stated the company.

In addition, the more homogeneous flow of the water would reduce emissions such as CO2. “The new thrusters are an important element on our way towards zero emission”, says Scandlines CEO Søren Poulsgaard Jensen.

The exchange of a total of 16 ship systems, four thrusters on each of the four ferries, will cost the company more than 13 million euros. The new accessories will be supplied by Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine, including new automation and control systems.

The first ferry is scheduled to be ready to roll more silently in autumn 2019, all other ships will be due in 2020. According to an accompanying press release, the retrofitting will be in conjunction with a research project in cooperation with the German Nature and Biodiversity conservation union NABU.

scandlines.com (PI as pdf)

Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.


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