Mar 6, 2019 - 04:22 pm

Vattenfall expands into Norway with InCharge network


The Vattenfall energy group is launching its InCharge electric mobility network in Norway with immediate effect. Throughout this year, InCharge intends to expand throughout Norway in cooperations with partner companies to install numerous public charging stations.

Norway is the fifth market for InCharge after Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain. The aim is to compete with the established players in the country with the highest number of electric cars in and around Europe. “The Norwegians have taken electric cars to heart, but the charging stations have not kept up,” says Susanna Hurtig, head of Vattenfall E-Mobility Nordic. “We are observing major demand for inCharge offer in Sweden, and now that we are facing a further expansion of electric cars, we are convinced that Norwegians are open to smart, new solutions”.

InCharge not only focuses on public spaces but also wants to offer intelligent charging solutions to private individuals and companies. The “Smart at Home” (or “Smart Hjemme”) charging offer created for private individuals, for example, is now available with special starting conditions. This is an essential step because 85 to 90 per cent of plug-ins are charged at home in Norway, according to Vattenfall.

In April, the Swedish energy group set up a new business operation to gradually expand its range of charging solutions to new markets. Vattenfall has had its expansion plans for Norway in mind now for over a year. As with all countries, the Swedes rely on partnerships for this advance.

Indeed the InCharge network will possibly be a welcome addition to Norway’s EV market that has come under strain since the number of electric vehicles surpasses the number of charging stations by far. While home charging is common in a country with a large number of house owners, denser urban centres such as Osla have taken measures to ensure rotation at charging stations to accommodate for demand (we reported).

Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.


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