Porsche Taycan clocks 20,000 pre-order options


Porsche has already registered more than 20,000 potential buyers for its first electric car, the Taycan. Potential customers have had themselves entered in a list for an option programme with a down payment of 2,500 euros (in Europe).

Although it is not yet possible to pre-order the Porsche Taycan, buying interest can be measured by registrations in the option mentioned above, that requires a 2,500 euro deposit.

The great interest has led to Porsche increasing its production capacity from 20,000 to 40,000 electric cars per year this January.

The Porsche Taycan will be only presented in September and is scheduled for launch shortly after. In an interview with the German publication, Autogazette, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume also revealed that the Taycan would be available with two battery sizes, “beginning with the larger package”. The price for the entry-level version with the smaller battery will “start at less than 100,000 euros”. The Porsche CEO also announced that there would be “many attractive extras” for the Taycan. In the interview, he also reaffirmed that interest is well above what was initially expected and more so before anybody has seen the electric car. Says Blume: “Normally, the run only starts when the first driving reports are available when the vehicle is presented, and the driver can take to the wheel.”

It is no secret though that Porsche’s first purely electric car can accelerate to 100 kph in “significantly less than 3.5 seconds” and to 200 kph in less than twelve seconds thanks to two electric machines with a system output of more than 440 kW. According to NEDC, the maximum range is over 500 kilometres, and thanks to the vehicle’s 800-volt architecture, charging energy for 100 kilometres takes about four minutes at a corresponding high power charging station. According to information made available to electrive, the DC charging capacity will be 250 kW.

While Porsche has been one of the driving forces between the Ionity network for HPC in Europe, in the States the Volkswagen brand will work with Electrify America reportedly. The cooperation with VW’s diesel-gate redemption subsidiary will allow Porsche drivers to charge partly for free for three years, much like Tesla’s model in the early years.

So far there is still a question mark about the battery capacity, with rumours circulating at the end of January that the series Porsche Taycan will have a power pack holding about 90 kWh and a 22 kW charger for AC charging on board. Yet now we know that we are talking about not one, but two battery variants.

Just over a week ago, Porsche also confirmed that the new generation of the Macan would be purely electric from 2022., (interview, in German)

Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.


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