Arcfox presents three models in Geneva


At the Geneva Motor Show, Arcfox, a BAIC BJEV brand, unveiled three new vehicles. The new models retain the features of the Arcfox GT and are certified by the European trade association.

After the automotive supplier Magna announced the development of an electric vehicle architecture for BAIC last year, followed by the establishment of two joint ventures with the BAIC subsidiary BJEV for the development and production of electric cars, the cooperation between BAIC and Magna now shows its first results.

In addition to electrically powered hypercars (GT Track and GT Street), the ECF concept of the BAIC luxury brand Arcfox is notable. The electric SUV with a range of over 600 km is a near-series version of the first Arcfox model. But there are no further details available at this time.

Günther Apfalter, President of Magna Steyr, told German reporters that the joint venture was “operational”. The conversion of a BAIC plant into a production facility for Arcfox is already underway and the development of the electric vehicle platform is, according to Apfalter, almost complete.,, (In German)


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