Seoul to grant subsidies to two-wheelers


The government of the South Korean capital Seoul wants to provide subsidies for a massive electric offensive. The goal is to replace around 100,000 two-wheelers powered by combustion engines with electric ones by 2025, as well as the electrification of minibuses.

To this end, the city government has already reached agreements with delivery services such as Pizza Hut, according to which 1,000 electric scooters are to be used by the end of this year. The government expects a total subsidy volume of 50 billion won (around €39M) for the project.

Also, Seoul plans to replace 444 minibuses with internal combustion engines used on short distances with electric buses by next year. To implement the measure, the city and the central government will contribute 22 billion won (around 17 million euros) each.

Both approaches are part of extensive efforts by the city government to combat air pollution in the capital. As a further measure, a 17 square kilometre low emission zone in the city centre is planned to exclude old diesel vehicles. Initially, a transitional period is to apply until November, before infringements will incur a fine of 250,000 won (around 190 euros).

The latest policy adds to an national programme for electrification. In December last year, the government in Seoul announced plans to introduce both local as well as export subsidies for zero emission vehicles. By 2022, Korea aims to introduce 430,000 BEVs and 65,000 FCEVs at home, all with four wheels.

Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.


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