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Renault trials compact electric van for urban logistics


Renault presents the EZ-Flex, a demonstrator for last mile city logistics. The agile and all-electric light commercial vehicle is on its way to companies throughout Europe who will use the e-van for two years in a sensible trial.

The Renault EZ-Flex is strictly targeted and build with commercial users in mind. For now, a dozen of the new small electric transporters are on the way to select clients. The vehicle is equipped with sensors to understand better the use cases, and user feedback will prop up this data. Measuring includes geolocation but also stops, range and other user data.

In its current set-up, the EZ-FLEX offers a range of 150 km. Space has been designed with crowded urban areas in mind so that the nimble e-van is small enough to enable access to car parks. It still features a 3m3 load capacity, which Renault considers “exceptional for its dimensions” of 3.86 m x 1.65 m x 1.88 metres.

More features designed with drivers in mind include wide access to the driver’s seat, an ergonomic loading height, or a large central dashboard and a smartphone-controlled HMI. Configurations are adaptable “to meet the different needs of the professionals by whom the vehicle will be used,” says Renault.

When it comes to vision, the EZ-Flex follows or perhaps precedes in terms of production, another concept for urban logistics the French presented last year at the IAA. The EZ-Pro was an autonomous robot-pod capable to get in line with other pods in the pack. The pods built on Renault’s EZ-Go, a driverless shuttle service for passengers they presented in Geneva in 2018. While both are interesting last-mile concepts, the EZ-Flex appears the closest to becoming a production reality, especially as real-life trials are starting now. Renault has not set a date for production or envisioned market entry though.


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Just looking at what are the electric vans out there

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