May 5, 2019 - 05:02 pm

Hyundai Kona Electric car supply running low in Europe


Hyundai exhibits problems to deliver the Kona Electric as the configurator is currently out of order in Germany due to the change over to the new model year. In other countries, orders are still possible but in places like the UK or Norway, the allocation is sold out.

A quick look at the configurator reveals clients in Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland or Austria, for example, can still configure the Hyundai Kona Electric. However, a spokesperson for Hyundai has told buyers in Germany that it may take two weeks for orders to reopen.

In Norway, potential buyers are advised that for orders received after 2 July 2018, delivery will not take place until the second half of 2020 due to demand having exceeded Hyundai’s expectations by far (we reported). Hyundai holds initial reservations of 20,000 units in Norway – they had estimated to sell 2,000 electric cars there in a year.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the purely electric Kona can no longer be configured either as the current model year is sold out as well. Interested parties can, however, register for a waiting list.

For other electric car models, Hyundai just released information on the latest update of the Ioniq series. The new versions are set to arrive in Europe this July as hybrid and PHEV before the BEV version is set to launch this September.

Buyers in the UK may also turn to Hyundai partner Kia as the e-Niro has just arrived this April reportedly. However, Kia recommends inquiring about availability with the dealer directly. In addition, Kia has presented the new Kia Soul in LA. The updated bestseller will only be available as a battery electric vehicle in Europe and is based on the same platform as the Kia Nero EV and the Hyundai Kona Electric. The third generation of the Soul will debut in the USA in 2019 before rollout to Europe begins over the course of the year.

Additional reporting by Daniel Bönnighausen.


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