Europe: VW launches e-mobility campaign a year early


Das Auto is to be battery-electric Volkswagen keeps saying and yet, we’ve been waiting for more models to arrive. To shorten the wait or perhaps to say that there is one coming, the VW brand will launch a multi-million euro campaign to promote the ID. electric vehicle ahead of its market launch.

Starting on Wednesday, 8 May, Volkswagen will push one message on multiple channels: “just electric”. Some may see the timing as a little late in terms of e-mobility but given the actual arrival of the ID.3 electric car scheduled to hit the markets by 2020, the campaign is a year ahead. Volkswagen is aware and says that “normally, large scale campaigns only start in connection with the launch of a model,” but this time, the campaign includes 600 individual communication elements on various channels. More so, “for the fundamental transformation of Volkswagen towards e-mobility, we need an entirely new marketing approach,” reasons Jochen Sengpiehl, Chief Marketing Officer of the Volkswagen brand.

Volkswagen’s approach to mobility includes said early start and the attempt to inspire a “new movement” with the brand claiming “now you can,” according to Sengpiehl. The slogan refers to consumers being able to buy an electric car – soon if all goes to plan.

Volkswagen has chosen the IAA in September to present the series version of the ID.3 and also a revised e-Up with a longer range, according to sales director Jürgen Stackmann. Also expect to see the fully electric SUV coupé model, ID. Crozz in a series version (we reported).

However, back to campaigning – in line with the talk of a movement, the new advertising includes the “eManifesto – ID. Volkswagen Just Electric”. A TV clip will premier in Germany on 25 May, and Volkswagen will promote the eManifesto in seven more EU countries, namely Italy, France, Spain, the UK, Sweden, Poland and Ireland. The media mix will focus mainly on TV but also include digital and printed media and cinemas.

Once the campaign is running, the so-called ID. Hub will combine all content and will go live online once the pre-orders for the ID. electric car open. In the UK, this will happen for a limited edition this Tuesday here., (ID. platform)


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