Agent 007 eat your heart out

The Israeli-American company NFT (Next Future Transportation) has introduced a flying electric car concept called the “Aska” that uses a gasoline range extender to reach a range of 550 km at a top speed of 200 kph. The first test flight is planned for 2020 with a view to market launch in 2025, with a $200,000 price tag.

The Aska is classified as an eVTOL vehicle (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing), of which there is already a number at various stages of development from different companies, each with a fairly unique aesthetic. This flying car – which in contrast to its eVTOL contemporaries is not a purely electric vehicle, but still relies partly on gasoline – can be either driven like a regular car with its wings folded back or used as a small private airplane with vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter.

Despite the theoretical 200 thousand US dollar price tag, should the vehicle ever go into mass production, Guy Kaplinsky, NFT Chairman comments insists that they are not building something for rich people, but that “We are building something that everyone will be able to afford.” His wife and co-founder, Maki Kaplinksy, addded “You’re solving the problem of traffic, the problem of wasting time. We have the most efficient and most comfortable way of commuting for the future.”

It remains to be seen how that prospect turns out, at any rate, NFT are by no means the only ones on the job. The Slovakian company AeroMobil has presented their concept for a flying car over a year ago, and theirs is purely electric. It seems that Agent 007 might have a little choice when choosing his or her fast and sexy gadget vehicle in the future. It may just be a vehicle that is a little lighter requiring a fraction of the energy: There’s always the option of a flying motorbike – from Russia with love – which will apparently only be around 50 k cheaper.,


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