Alliance Ventures invests in The Mobility House

The Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi alliance is investing in the energy service provider The Mobility House through its venture capital subsidiary Alliance Ventures. As of yet, the scope of the investment is unknown.

In addition to various services related to electric cars, The Mobility House offers a platform which facilitates the integration of electric vehicle batteries into the power grid. François Dossa, Chairman of Alliance Ventures, said that “The Mobility House’s expertise in e-mobility and energy system transformation will support Alliance’s commitment to zero-emission vehicles and the realisation of our vision to shape the mobility of the future.”

The collaboration with The Mobility House is nothing new for either Renault or Nissan, as both companies have already cooperated with the Austrian company on several projects. In the German city of Hagen, Nissan and The Mobility House are working with Enervie and Amprion. In January this year, this V2G project successfully qualified an electric car for primary control power following all the regulatory requirements of a transmission system operator (TSO). The Nissan Leaf thus fulfilled the same obligations as a large power plant and was integrated into the German power grid as a control power plant.

Renault has collaborated with The Mobility House on, among other things, its Advanced Battery Storage. For the stationary battery storage with a capacity of 60 MWh, the partners interconnected 2,000 used batteries from electric cars. The duo is also cooperating on the project to turn the Portuguese Atlantic island of Porto Santo into an electric island by using electric cars, second-hand batteries and V2G in combination with smart charging.

The Mobility House is currently active in 10 different countries. The company was founded in Salzburg, Austria in 2009 and had offices in Germany, Switzerland and Silicon Valley, USA. (in German)


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