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Turkey: Karsan reveals electric bus with BMW batteries


The Turkish manufacturer Karsan has presented a battery-electric version of its 8-meter bus of type Atak. As with a previous model, Karsan relies on batteries from BMW’ electric car i3.

The Atak Electric uses a total of five batteries developed by BMW, each with 44 kWh. The Turkish e-bus has a total capacity of 220 kWh, which should enable a range of 300 kilometres. The engine has an output of 230 kW and is designed for 2400 Nm torque.

Karsan specifies a charging time of five hours for double AC charging and three hours for DC rapid charging. Double AC charging corresponds to a charging capacity of 44 kW. With a slower AC connection, charging takes correspondingly longer. The regenerative braking system should be able to recharge up to a quarter of the battery while driving.

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The Atak Electric is available in two seating configurations: 18 seats and four folding seats as well as 21 seats and four folding seats. The bus has a total capacity of 52 passengers. Karsan has scheduled the electric bus for serial production for this August.

BMW i3 battery packs are sought after by commercial and utility vehicle manufacturers such as Motiv Power Systems. In the case of Karsan. the manufacturer offers a four year and 200,000 km warranty for its BMW batteries.

Karsan has already BMW tech for the 6-metre Jest Electric bus: The smaller e-bus not only uses BMW batteries but also the 125 kW electric motor from the i3. The Turkish company says that 35 Jest Electric buses are already in use in France, Germany and Greece.

Meanwhile, Karsan is not the only Turkish vehicle maker launching new e-buses. Local Temsa presented two new electric bus models at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, the Avenue Electron and MD 9 electriCITY. Also present at the summit was Turkish bus manufacturer Otokar, that debuted its all-electric 12-meter bus, which will be available in Europe next year. The company is now taking part in the first tenders.

Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.



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