Karsan Jest to use electric motors and batteries from BMW i3


For the first time, the high voltage batteries and electric motor system developed for the BMW i3 will be used for the electric city bus Jest by the Turkish bus manufacturer Karsan.

The agreement between BMW and Karsan will see the delivery of motors and energy storage for the fully-electric Jest Electric bus, which will be manufactured in Bursa for local as well as foreign markets. This marks another step for the BMW i towards finding additional market segments for emission-free motor technology.

The six-metre long Karsan Jest electric offers space for up to 26 passengers, which is four more than the conventionally powered version. The city bus also has a wheelchair-accessible ramp, which can be used for baby strollers as well. Propulsion for the bus is provided by a 125 kW electric motor, powered by a 44 kWh battery. The battery is structured into eight modules with twelve battery cells each. This allows the bus to drive for up to 18 hours in regular service, without taking a break to charge the batteries. Prototypes close to the serial status allow for a range up to 210 km, using two high voltage battery storage systems with a capacity of 88 kWh.

The vehicle manufacturer Karsan was founded in 1966 and is engaged in development and manufacturing facilities in the western Turkish Bursa as a production partner for international brands as well as the development and manufacturing of their own vehicles for personal and public transportation.



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