Jul 3, 2019 - 05:42 pm

Kia UK receives 1,000 Rolec charging points


The English charging infrastructure manufacturer Rolec EV has delivered more than 1,000 charging points for electric vehicles to Kia in the UK. The devices will be installed at dealerships and will also be sold to customers.

Kia plans to set up a network of shops in the UK at all of its locations – over 160 dealers and offices in addition to the UK head office. The Korean carmaker also wants to offer its customers standardised EV charging points for the home.

For an order of this volume, Rolec has designed both charging points and wall boxes in Kia design. The price at which Kia wants to offer these wallboxes to its end customers is not known.

Kia currently offers the Niro PHEV and electric Niro in the UK. In future, the electric counterpart of the Soul will also be sold in the UK.

fleetpoint.org, rolecserv.com


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  1. John Griffiths

    All we need now is for Kia to actually build and deliver the e-Niros. I ordered mine and paid a deposit of £1,000.00 back in March but was (and still am being) told that I will probably have to wait until 2020 for the car!

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