Sweden: Uniti offers Founders Series electric car


Swedish startup Uniti that is backed by the likes of Siemens, Kuka or BorgWarner has opened the online orders for the Founders’ Edition in a limited series. If you order and pay this year, you will get the small electric car before the regular roll-out begins.

The very urban EV has been designed from the ground up in Sweden. While prototypes are driving around, the small BEV is considered a deal maker. The reason – a price of about 20,000 euros. And, Uniti is also thinking to offer even cheaper versions from 14,900 euros.

Moreover, their Uniti One has been put together through a crowdfunding effort and collected one million euros. No price has been named for the Founders’ Edition, but you are expected to pay in full. The other option is to express interest for a deposit of 149 euros online.

The series model is to debut this year with (we expect some) deliveries to start shortly after. In terms of production, Uniti has reportedly looked into many options and all around the world.  Down Under, for example, the Uniti One will cost about 20,000 AUD, or about €12,300. Uniti opted for Adelaide because it is one of the few Australian cities making infrastructural and regulatory preparations for future autonomy levels 4 and 5. Uniti aims to get on that train early.

At the start of the year, the Swedes also hinted at a production facility to be set up in India, for which the startup would cooperate with the Bird Group. In India, they would also add a five-seat version of the BEV, next to the two-seater being offered in other locations. The local price point will come to €9,000, and the startup plans to sell 500,000 units in India by 2024. The roll-out of global-local production facilities roots in the idea for licensed factories around the world. A proof-of-concept is planned through a pilot factory in the British Silverstone Park. It will be used to manufacture the Uniti One and serve as a pilot programme as reported.

The choice for the UK was made because the country’s “approach to vehicle production, with its focus on light-weighting and innovation in advanced materials, is an ideal model for electric car production globally,” according to Uniti CEO Lewis Horne. The facility will be set up in cooperation with MEPC.

In Europe, the Uniti One has a starting price of €14,900, whereas the fully furnished model will cost up to €19,900. According to the manufacturer, the midi BEV can manage a range of 300 km with a 22 kWh battery at a top speed of 130 km/h.

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Earth And Main
05.07.2019 um 18:45
Awesome car for urban drivers, great price point and if it gets 300km of range feel like it's winner. Clearly going after the SmartCar.
06.07.2019 um 00:30
The price of the Uniti One is expected to start at EUR 22000 according to Uniti. Lots of hints from Uniti of different production facilities to be, but is there any substance in that? Are they really backed by all those big names? One million EUR won't last long.

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