Rumours regarding in-house battery production at Tesla

During the telephone conference to announce the latest quarterly figures, Elon Musk also commented on the rumours that Tesla intends to produce its own battery cells in the future: There seem to be delays.

Tesla does not want to officially announce its plans this year, as originally announced, but only in February or March next year. But the plans are ambitious: At the “Battery Day,” Tesla wants to inform about “cell chemistry, modules and packs as well as a production plan with a clear timetable up to one terawatt hour per year” according to Musk.

That would be an enormous production capacity: In Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, Tesla produces battery cells amounting to 28 GWh per year in cooperation with Panasonic – this figure was also mentioned by Tesla in the telephone conference. The Gigafactory is already one of the largest battery cell factories in the world, but one terawatt hour (TWh) would be 35 times the capacity.

Musk did not specify the “clear timetable” any further. So there can only be speculation about a time frame. Only one thing is clear: everyone in the industry will take a close look at the “Battery Day” in autumn this year.


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