Solaris delivers 30 electric buses to Venice


Solaris announced another major order from Italy for electric buses and charging infrastructure, this time from Venice. ACTV SPA Venezia ordered 30 Solaris Urbino 12 electric electric buses.

The electric buses will be used on the islands of Lido and Pellestrina, where they will replace conventional diesel buses. Solaris will also supply the necessary charging infrastructure, to be exact: nine pantograph rapid charging stations and six stationary and one mobile charging station for plug charging. According to the company, this brings the total value of the order to more than 20 million euros.

With a battery capacity of 116 kWh each, ACTV has opted for relatively small battery packs, which makes sense given the short distances travelled on the two islands. Solaris does not mention a range in the communication. The drive power is 250 kW.

Instead of using unnecessarily large batteries, the public transport operator from Venice has apparently invested in the equipment. In addition to an efficient air conditioning system, the Italians have ordered seats with a special anti-graffiti coating and an elaborate video surveillance system. The latter not only records the interior with cameras, but also offers a rear view camera for the driver and a camera for controlling the pantograph. All buses, including the infrastructure, are to be delivered “before the end of 2020”.

In recent months, Solaris has secured several major orders from Italy. Among others, Bergamo and Bolzano had purchased several Polish electric buses, Bolzano also ordered 12 hydrogen buses. Modena and Parma ordered a total of 18 trolleybuses between them from Solaris in July. But the biggest order comes from Milan: the local public transport operator ATM has ordered up to 250 electric buses from the Bolechowo-based company.



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