Volocopter presents design of future commercial air-taxi


Volocopter has just revealed the design of its latest model VoloCity. This is the fourth generation of the electric VTOL from the German company – and the basis for the Volocopter’s planned air taxi service.

With a range of 35 kilometres and an airspeed of up to 110 km/h, the company describes the VoloCity as the ideal on-demand air taxi for the city centre. The aircraft offers space for two passengers including hand luggage and, with its 18 rotors, is designed to guarantee maximum stability.

The design and technical specifications of the VoloCity are based on the results of over 1000 test flights of previous Volocopter generations. “The VoloCity is the most powerful Volocopter to date,” says CEO Florian Reuter. “The VoloCity will open our first commercial routes and bring the urban air mobility market to life!”  The design has been adapted to all requirements of SC-VTOL (category enhanced), which was published by EASA in July 2019.

Until the new VoloCity is put into operation, the Volocopter 2X will remain in service for demonstration purposes. Volocopter performed public flights in Dubai in 2017 and during the CES in Las Vegas in 2018. Depending on the weather, the next public test flight is scheduled for September 14th in Stuttgart. The flight is to take place as part of a Daimler event near the Mercedes-Benz Museum and, according to the car manufacturer, will be the first flight of a Volocopter in a European city centre.

In the fourth quarter of 2019 Volocopter plans to fly in Singapore to exhibit its VoloPort with its partner Skyports for the first. This is the prototype of Volocopter’s future take-off and landing infrastructure for flying taxis. In Europe, Volocopter, and Fraport AG – the owner and manager of FRA, Germany’s biggest airport, intend to develop concepts for the ground infrastructure and the operation of electric aerial taxis at airports. The main focus will be on smooth passenger handling and efficient connections to existing traffic infrastructure.


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