Mercedes presents GLE und GLC plug-in hybrid models


Shortly before the IAA, Mercedes has presented two new SUVs with a plug-in drive. While the GLC 300 e has only been slightly revised, the GLE 350 de has a significantly larger battery and a longer electric range.

Thanks to a battery capacity increased to 31.2 kWh, the Mercedes GLE 350 de 4MATIC is expected to achieve an electric range of over 100 kilometers to NEDC and 90-99 km to WLTP. Since the maximum speed in electric driving mode increases to 160 km/h, the “e-driving experience” should be even more pronounced. Like the PHEV versions of the A- and B-Class, the GLE 350 de will have a CCS charging socket – which should enable the SUV to charge to 80 per cent in 20 minutes and to 100 per cent in 30 minutes.

But the model designation “de” indicates that the GLE, in fact, uses a diesel combustion engine. The 1.95-litre unit produces 143 kW, the electric motor 100 kW. According to Daimler, the system output is 235 kW and the maximum torque is 700 Newton metres. The GLE can recover energy over all four wheels with a maximum recuperation torque of 1,800 Newton meters. According to Daimler, this is sufficient for the GLE to receive the “One Pedal Feeling” typical of an electric car as a PHEV.

For drivers familiar with SUVs: with extra space created by a special body shell at the rear, the large battery has hardly any effect on the boot that has a maximum volume of 1,915 litres. The GLE can also pull up to 3,500 kilograms of trailer load.

The GLC 300 e has also been revised, although the new battery only offers 13.5 kWh capacity and correspondingly less electric range. In the NEDC this is up to 49 kilometres, according to WLTP, this amounts to 39 to 43 kilometres.

In the GLC-PHEV, the electric drive works together with a two-liter petrol engine. Even if the system power of 235 kW corresponds to that of the GLE 350 de, the power is divided differently: The petrol engine produces 155 kW, the electric motor 90 kW. The maximum electric speed is 130 km/h.

As yet, prices for both models have not been revealed.


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