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BYD-ADL present revised Enviro200EV


BYD and Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) presented a revised version of their Enviro200EV electric bus. There is also news about the second generation of BYD’s 8TT electric truck and the emission-free monorail passenger transport system SkyRail.

First, the updated Enviro200EV: Together with its British partners, BYD is introducing slightly modified length versions: the original 10.8-meter-long model will be 10 centimeters longer in future. The 11.6-meter Enviro200EV will have two additional seats and will replace the current 12-meter model. In addition, the all-electric ADL heating system will in future be used in all buses of this type. “This heat pump solution has been developed to transfer atmospheric heat in to the vehicle. Designed to run efficiently in low ambient temperatures, it can also be used in reverse to cool the vehicle during warmer weather,” says an accompanying press release. The high efficiency of the system should provide additional range.

According to BYD, the upgrade will adapt the buses to the shorter, 10.2 and 9.6 metre long versions of the Enviro200EV and to the double-decker Enviro400EV, which will all be launched on the market this year. Orders for the revised models are already expected from Great Britain and New Zealand. This brings the total number of electric buses supplied or ordered by BYD-ADL to 412, according to the company.

Meanwhile, the Chinese company presented the second generation of their 8TT electric truck at a trade fair in Long Beach. It is a versatile vehicle that can be used well in distribution logistics, BYD says. However, technical data are not found in the company’s press release.

Finally, BYD also announces news about its emission-free monorail passenger transport system SkyRail: The company is planning to build a production facility for the SkyRail in Lancaster, California, and has already purchased a site adjacent to its existing bus factory. With the SkyRail, BYD wants to get involved in the mass transit sector. It is a driverless rail system that runs over city traffic and is designed to significantly increase transport capacity. (Enviro200EV), (8TT), (SkyRail)


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