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Elinta is developing hybrid retrofitting kits for utility vehicles


The company Elinta Motors from Lithuania develops plug-in hybrid drives for retrofitting diesel commercial vehicles up to 7.2 tons. All drive components including electric motors, battery modules and electronics have been developed in-house.

After pre-series vehicles equipped with plug-in hybrid drives have covered around 1.5 million kilometers so far, Elinta Motors will start series production of a PHEV retrofitting system for the Iveco Daily (model year 2019) in the first quarter of 2020.

The system output is 188 kW with a maximum torque of 1,250 Nm. The electric motor itself delivers 114 kW. A 37 kWh battery pack is installed. This should enable a purely electric range of up to 80 kilometres.

  • elinta-motors-phev-antrieb-drive-2019-01-min
  • elinta-motors-iveco-daily-phev-2019-03-min
  • elinta-motors-iveco-daily-phev-2019-02-min
  • elinta-motors-iveco-daily-phev-2019-01-min

A total of four driving modes are available. The driver can either force the system – provided the battery has enough capacity – to operate purely electrically, use both drive systems in power mode, maintain battery capacity or charge the battery additionally while driving. In addition, “green zones” can be detected in real time via GPS, forcing the vehicle into purely electric mode. The diesel engine therefore switches itself off automatically.

Elinta Motors has been developing PHEV systems since 2014. Customers in Germany, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Lithuania are already using the existing solutions for commercial vehicles up to 7.2 tons.

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