Fox plans to produce 12,000 Mia 2.0 per year


The plans of the Swiss manufacturer Fox Automotive to produce a new version of the Mia electric car are becoming more concrete. Fox Automotive has set up a subsidiary in Hungary for this purpose, which will be headed by Ekkehard Philipp as CEO.

Philipp was Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Hungary until 2017. According to Fox, the production facility for the new edition of the Mia Stromer is located “in the western part of Hungary and in the logistically favourable triangle of Austria-Slovakia-Croatia.”

According to Fox, the company has a fully-fledged assembly line that is expected to produce 12,000 electric cars per year for the European market from the beginning of 2020. The batteries for the Mia 2.0 will come from Lion Smart, which is also a Swiss company. Fox Automotive also announced that management is currently negotiating possible strategic partnerships with automotive suppliers and financial groups in Korea, India, Germany, Hungary and the Middle East. The Swiss company says they were able to meet personally with representatives from these groups during test drives of the first-generation Mia in Budapest.

French electrical manufacturer Mia Electric went bankrupt a few years ago. In 2015, the insolvent company’s assets were auctioned off to an anonymous buyer for 800,000 euros. Fox owns all rights to the Mia Electric Vehicle brand, including patent and trademark rights.,


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