Uniti One available to order for €17,760 in Sweden & UK


The Swedish electric car startup Uniti has published the price and specifications for its Uniti One compact electric car, which can now be configured and is to be delivered first in Sweden and the UK from mid-2020. The UK base price is 17,760 euros including the plug-in grant.

Uniti’s first electric car has an output of 50 kW and is available with two battery sizes (12 and 24 kWh) for ranges of 150 and 300 kilometres respectively. The consumption should be only 8 KWh/100 km, although the WLTP rating is still to come.

The larger battery can be charged via CCS and Uniti says the electric car charges from 20% to 80% in just seventeen minutes with a 50 kW CCS charger. With the smaller 12 kWh battery, the charging time from 20 to 80 per cent is only nine minutes. With an AC charging capacity of seven kW, the values are 63 and 123 minutes respectively.

In line with the previously shown prototype Uniti designed the electric car for urban driving. According to the PI, it achieves an empty weight of only 600 kilograms and offers agile driving behaviour. The length of 3.22 metres and width of 1.70 metres, as well as a turning circle of seven metres, should support the agility.

Probably the biggest change compared to the prototype shown in 2017: The production model is not a two-seater, but a three-seater. The driver sits in the middle, the two passengers behind him side by side. The trunk has a capacity of 155 litres.

Customers who place their order before the end of November 2019 will receive a place in Uniti’s exclusive Founders Club, which offers them a number of benefits, including free software upgrades and “enhancements for life”.

Uniti’s electric car will come to Sweden and the UK first by mid-2020, also due to the production as it is designed in Sweden and engineered in the UK, where Uniti is constructing a pilot factory in the Silverstone Park.

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