E.ON goes live with two ultra-fast chargers in Birmingham


E.ON has switched on the first of its UK ultra-fast electric vehicle charging points in Birmingham. The two 175 kW fast charging stations support CCS and CHAdeMO connections and are being operated in partnership with the recently opened EG Group facility.

The EU-funded ultra-fast charging stations are said to be capable of charging an EV with a range of 100 km in about 10 minutes, according to the manufacturer. These are the first for the company, who was recently received approval to take over the German RWE subsidiary Innogy. E.ON is beefing up their European market presence with projects in Denmark and Scandinavia.

As Michael Lewis, chief executive of E.ON UK put it: “These new ultra-fast chargers are our first of their type in the UK and will give further support to the growing number of drivers moving away from fossil fuels towards electric vehicles.” The chargers will likely be installed at existing fuel stations owned by the EG Group, as Mohammed Patel, their head of Energy & Sustainability adds: “allowing space for the inclusion of electric vehicle charging stations and the co-existence of charging stations and traditional fuel pumps.”



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